somewhere else. zhuolan – poetry of the street photo

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Like reading newspaper is a different process then reading a work of poetry, I suggest to look at this street photo project in a similar way – to ”read the images” instead of just ”looking” at them. It is maybe less obvious and requiring more effort, but it allows reader to expand his experience of the subject.

This work has some strong personal layers in it. I have been living in Zhoulan, which is the place about which, in literal sense is this book.

So there are pictures of people living in Zhoulan. Working in the fields, in the shops, selling stuff on night markets. Maybe all ages and all professions. Images of the temples, schools and streets. Abandoned objects, some random moments of life. Funerals. Home altars to the local gods. Kids playing. Just daily life. Nothing spectacular or dramatic.

But my point of view of all those scenes, is a point of view of a stranger. Someone from ”somewhere else”. Someone who understands very little, who do not even speak the local language.

With curiosity and some foreign sadness I’m observing and participating in the life in Zhoulan.

Trough the lens of my camera I’m finding what has been ”Lost in Translation” (title of a movie with Bill Murray, as stranger experiencing own foreignness in Tokyo).

Perhaps reader can feel on some pages my European loneliness, which sometimes I had felt strongly, while living there and working as a teacher in Holistic School.

In this work I’m looking through camera into the eyes of people, connecting with them through the medium of photography. Reading their joys and sadness by setting my attention on their faces. Seeing glimpses of life experiences on those beautiful old Taiwanese faces, and being aware that I will never understand it.

Doing this project was a process of discovery, of connecting with fellow humans so much different then myself, and to a certain degree – entering into their world.

Please feel free to write comments or questions and to share your feedback with me. Thank you!

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